Thermal Protective Packaging – Stock

Polyfoam’s extensive offerings of stock insulated containers offer immediate and cost-effective packaging of temperature-sensitive shipments. And – with a wide range of sizes and wall thicknesses, we’re able to provide both short and long-term solutions for thermal shipments. With the added flexibility of customizing the internal area, the line brings an almost endless supply of options.


thermalok insulated containersTHERMALOK® Insulated containers help ensure that products arrive at the right temperature. Designed with numerous features to insulate the payload and maintain a more constant temperature throughout, THERMALOK coolers are a perfect ready-option for shipping pharmaceuticals, specialty foods, biomedical items or anything else that must travel safely through a cold chain channel.


quick ship containerQuick-ship Containers are the right choice when transit is quick, less insulation is required or products are kept in a refrigerated environment. Commonly used in the Seafood Industry, these coolers are a cost-effective choice for protecting temperature-sensitive products.


tote linersTote Liners offer a solution when a tote alone won’t provide enough insulation. With several items in the line there are many options that fit standard sized totes. Used frequently in the Pharmaceutical and Home Delivery Industries, tote liners are a great solution for store and/or home delivery when thermal insulation is required.


mailer boxesMailer Boxes provide a cost-effective way to ship smaller products requiring some minimal insulation. With Inside Dimensions as small as
6” x 4-1/2” x 2” mailer boxes are an excellent option for shipping items such as small vials, medicines or specialty food samples.

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