Custom Thermal Packaging

Polyfoam’s team of engineers brings vast experience and knowledge to helping companies meet their cold chain requirements. Having successfully designed packages in a multitude of industries, the team is familiar with the many challenges each of those industries face. From pharmaceuticals to biotechnology to specialty food to electronics to seafood products, Polyfoam partners with its customers to find the most cost-effective package to protect its thermal shipments.

Custom Design

custom thermal packaging When a stock solution won’t exactly fit a product and its cold chain shipping requirements, we’ll develop the most cost-effective custom solution. Our engineering design and prototyping capabilities, combined with an in-house ISTA-certified thermal test lab, helps determine the optimal solution within a short timeline. This can dramatically speed time to market and eliminate costly errors.


Custom Solution With Existing Container

exixting-containerAn off-the-shelf cooler can significantly speed time to market and keep tooling costs down. With an extensive line of stock containers, odds are Polyfoam may have one that is a perfect fit but may just need a special insert or a custom pack-out to meet cold chain requirements. Our in-house thermal test lab also allows customers to quickly and conveniently test a package to ensure it will protect the product.

ISTA-Certified Lab

ISAT certified labWhen determining how a package performs under various conditions is critical, it can be tested in our ISTA-certified thermal test lab. The contents and/or packaging can be pre-conditioned to a certain temperature and monitored in a thermal chamber under an ISTA-recommended or your own temperature profile. With our prototyping capabilities this allows the testing of a certain package prior to any tooling investment. This is a key step in determining if the product will arrive safely at its destination, and can result in time and cost savings.

Need More Information?

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