Cushion Protective Packaging – Custom

Polyfoam’s team of engineers brings over forty years of experience to designing the most cost-effective packaging solutions. We partner with customers to get a better understanding of product use and potential packaging issues. From big heavy parts to small delicate ones, there’s almost no packaging issue the engineering team hasn’t tackled and resolved.

custom design packagingCustom Design — When a Polyfoam stock product won’t fit a product’s geometry or cushion requirements, the team will develop a solution that will. Extensive capabilities across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines (mechanical, packaging, plastic, safety, tooling) enable Polyfoam to design packaging from multiple perspectives. Additionally, our prototyping capabilities and in-house ISTA-certified test lab provide speedy fine-tuning of design and the confidence that the package is meeting requirements.


ISTA Certified labISTA-Certified Lab — When determining how a package performs under various conditions is critical, it can be tested in our ISTA-certified lab. The contents and/or packaging can be pre-conditioned to a certain temperature if necessary, and then put through the rigors of stress testing to determine performance. With our prototyping capabilities this allows the testing of a certain package prior to any tooling investment. This is a key step in determining if your product will arrive safely at its destination, and can result in time and cost savings.

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