Cushion Protective Packaging — Stock

Polyfoam’s stock item line for cushion protective packaging offers immediate and cost-effective solutions to protective packaging needs. For products that don’t have complex geometry or require a custom piece of foam or simply have low volume shipments, there are a number of items that could potentially foot the bill without the cost of tooling.

Corner Pads Protective Packaging

corner pads cushion protective packagingCorner Pads are a great option to ship items with square or rectangular geometry by suspending the product in a package and providing cushioning on each corner. With various shapes and sizes and materials our corner pads bring solutions to a wide range of products.

Edge Protectors Protective Packaging

edge protectors cushion protective packagingEdge Protectors are often used in industries such as cabinetry where a bit more cushioning is desired along the sides of the product. Designed to be used as one long edge protector or broken into six short ones, these items provide options for various sizes and lengths.

Picture Frame Corner Pads Protective Packaging

picture frame corner pads cushion protective packagingPicture Frame Corner Pads are ready-made solutions to shipping a variety of frame sizes. The single corner pads are for an individual frame and come in a range of sizes to accommodate different frames. Our Quad frame protector is designed to hold up to four frames of varying thicknesses at once.

Bottle Packs Protective Packaging

bottle packs cushion protective packagingBottle Packs offer protection for several different sized bottles. Often used as part of a UN-certified package, these provide ample cushioning for anything from chemicals to medications to specialty foods and beverages.

Wine Packs Protective Packaging

wine packs cushion protective packagingWine Packs are most often used to ship wine but could also be used for other types of liquids. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of diameters and heights, multiple bottle styles can be shipped with the same item. With the added value of insulation it also helps keep the liquid at the proper temperature. NEW! Our SUMMER WINE PACKS are specially designed to hold a large gel pack so wines can be safely shipped overnight in the warm months.

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